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Via Jez (I’ve misplaced the link itself), The Independent reported recently on the boom in romance fiction and the ever-widening scope of what “romance fiction” entails.  It’s a pretty lengthy piece, touching on a lot of aspects of the industry today.

I found it especially interesting that, during WWII, one major British romance publisher escaped paper rationing in order to “maintain the morale of women who were working for the war effort.”  The son of the company’s co-founder called the company “better than valium.”

And I believe it.  Unlike romance novels, no one’s selling valium out of a milk crate for $.50 a hit on East 4th.


Via Jezebel, even fictional Wall Street tycoons and i-bankers are getting the kiss-off from the romance genre.   I’m picturing the BookWorld replete with these strapping stockbrokers, begging for D-list character roles in their pinstriped Armani suits.  These days, it’s tough to be a gangsta.

The article claims that rugby players are the next Big Thing, but in times of financial hardship, I think the hero of the hour should be obvious.  Pirates!  Steal from the rich and ravish the maidens!  Ahoy!

No, this is no way a meager offering instead of the recap I should have been working on over winter break.  I swear, I will get through Anita Blake if the nipples of steel kill me!   Knowing JC, it’s not a wholly implausible fate.

I recently came into a whole sack of romances from the late 70s, 80s, and 90s, so look out for recaps of those once November is over. The glee I feel cannot be described. I mean, the covers alone are priceless.

Anyway, some things to tide you over until I get to those:

+ The Guardian on the value of bad books.

+ Publisher’s weekly: The “clinch” cover is here to stay on romance novel covers. Readers really like these? I’m actually usually disinclined to buy books with covers like these.

Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
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--Arnold Lobel

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--Groucho Marx

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