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Henry Higgins this guy is not

Posted on: June 26, 2009

Couple of quick links:

+ Contestant #2 in Jezebel’s Worst 80s Romance contest is this guy, described as “A cold, hard-hearted radiologist with control issues and a penchant for mind games!” The Mills & Boon (that’s British Harlequin to you) says, “Was he just being kind?” and I kind of want to know when “kind” became a synonym for “mean and manipulative.” Oh, 80s romance heroes. This one actually loses points for “lack of rapiness.”

+ Also from Jezebel are scans of this spread from People of (allegedly) the “hottest bachelors” done up as romance heroes. If Bret Michaels could please stay off the cover of any book I buy, that would be great.


1 Response to "Henry Higgins this guy is not"

I saw these posts at Jez, and they made me think of this blog immediately! I even thought about posting them, but I figured you’d get right on that.

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