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flowers diss romance novels

Posted on: February 4, 2009

So there’s some buzz in the romance blogosphere about this Super Bowl ad:

Oh, silly women, with their self esteem issues and their romance novels! This whole ad campaign is generally unfunny and nonsensical, so I almost don’t even feel the need to defend my irrational love of the romance novels.

Kinda related: fictional men worth loving. The obvious ones (Darcy, Rochester, et al) make the list. Who is on yours?


2 Responses to "flowers diss romance novels"

I love those guys, but I wouldn’t actually want to be romantically involved with any of them. Way too much stress!

Damn, all I can think of are relatively obscure sci-fi/fantasy dudes, and most of them are pretty defective human beings (or whatever they are). My brain is ded right now.

I keep thinking of Takeshi Kovacs from the Altered Carbon novels, but it’s not “love” so much as “want to hug because he’s a very damaged person and could use a hug.” And then back away slowly.

Lord Peter Wimsey. If you’ve ever read Gaudy Night and Busman’s Holiday, you know what I mean.

And uh… Edward from the Anita Blake novels. Which, yeah, most women don’t go for the assassin-for-hire sociopath types, but what can I say? I find ’em, I marry ’em.

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