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Review: Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Some of the behind-the-scenes folks and I have been talking about doing something with the Stephanie Plum series on this blog, so I figured I’d review the new book.

I will state up front that on the whole Ranger vs. Morelli question, I come down very strongly in favor of Morelli, and this may bias my review somewhat.

I was disappointed by Lean Mean Thirteen because it doesn’t seem to advance the series plot much at all. No one learns anything new, no relationships advance, the whole book is kind of expendable and inessential. Fearless Fourteen at least has a lot of Morelli and in particular a lot of Morelli and Stephanie playing at domesticity. Not sure how that will play out with the rest of the series; I’m optimistic, because Evanovich is only contracted through book 16 (although who knows) and I’m sure Stephanie won’t make a choice between the two men in her life until the end.

But this is typical Plum. New Jersey antics, this time involving a distant cousin of Morelli’s and some missing money that may or may not be buried in Morelli’s basement. One thing I did like: it comes to light early in the novel that the son of one of Stephanie’s skips might be Morelli’s kid, and Stephanie doesn’t sit on and fret about this information. She confronts Morelli right away. So there’s no stupid Big Misunderstanding, the characters actually talk to each other when stuff like this comes up. Another thing I like is the World of Warcraft parody, where the game players are completely obsessed with the game.

I love the series despite its flaws, and this one feels a little less meaty than some of the earlier books in the series. I don’t know why. Maybe because Morelli and Stephanie are settled into coupledom and, yeah, Ranger’s around, but his presence seems kind of inconsequential. Maybe there weren’t enough exploding cars.

Bonus: I got free audiobooks of the two “between the numbers” novels, Plum Lovin’ and Plum Lucky. I kind of wish Evanovich would stick to the main series, as these books exist outside of the series arc. They’re cute little stories with most of the main Plum characters, but again, kind of expendable.


2 Responses to "Review: Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich"

I must read one of her books. She is from my hometown, South River, N.J.

Wow, avoiding The Big Misunderstanding?? Nice! I know naught of this author, but I already approve.

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