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romance novels defy reality in more ways than one

Posted on: July 9, 2008

I giggled a lot at this review of a novel containing an unlikely sex act. The post is worth the read if only for the bottom half in which a bunch of romance bloggers discuss the mechanics of said sex act. Methinks it might be wishful thinking on the author’s part. Or else she’s never actually ridden a horse.


2 Responses to "romance novels defy reality in more ways than one"

HA!! Fantastic! Man, cars seem a dangerous enough setting for such activities. Horseback?? Aiee! Also, I was so one of those kids who “accidentally” used too much glue and peeled it off. But the thing in the post… no. Just no. Especially where no bathing is involved. I think I just threw up a little.

[…] lifted his hips until her entire body was supported only by his manhood.” Unlikely, right? BJ on a horse unlikely. That’s some powerful manhood. Whatever, they do a kind of modified reverse-cowgirl right […]

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